Our mission is to create and maintain an authentic real-time social bidding platform for people who want to shop and enjoy friendly, honest competition.

How do we accomplish this?

By adding a revolutionary and patented prefunding component to an existing and broken pay-to-bid method. Utilizing our Patented and Copyright protected technology, Exhibia adds unprecedented transparency to an industry mired in questionable practices. Pre-funding = Buying bids towards an item which then grants insights into consumer interests as a residual as well as eliminates the needs for “bots” or “shills” on our bidding website.

How does it work?

So every Exhibia ® retail item goes through 2 phases:

1. Funding Phase

2. Bidding Phase

Once an item is 100% funded it is opened for bidding.

How do I get bids?

You can get bids by funding items. You can bid on any item that is already opened for bidding.

Funding Packages:

How can I be sure I am not outbid by a bot?

Every item needs to be 100% funded before the bidding is started. Since the house site has already covered the cost of the item because of prefunding and our secured wholesale channels, the need for ever using bots to cover costs is entirely eliminated.

How can I register to become a bidder?

In order to maintain the integrity of our revolutionary verification process with our Facebook and Google partners, we will initially only allow registered Facebook & Google users to bid. We plan to open up to other social networks in the near future as our enterprise continues on its targeted path of growth and inclusion.

Going, Going, Gone? Timer Extensions?

Exhibia follows the original auctioneer format of “going,” “going,” “gone” or “going once”, “going twice”, “sold principle.”

What are timer extensions and why do they occur? In order to “level the playing field” and in the “spirit of fairness,” we grant timer extensions to offset fluctuating volume on the site in the beta test mode. During beta there is a hidden bid reserve that needs to be fulfilled for the Winner to be declared. Exhibia was designed to be a global phenomenon whose preliminary beta tests determined the removal of timer extensions once we have launched the eventual volume.

Trade-Off My WIN To Cash Transfer?

Exhibia is willing to trade most WINS into another item of cash transfer equivalent of %70 to -%50 of the cost of the item. Contact customer service to ask for Trade-Off value for your win. Trade-off value depends on the inventory levels and exhibia retains the right to not trade-off.

What if I lose the bidding?

Exhibia is proud to be an Amazon Market Place Retailer and most items will have a “Buy-It-Now” option that will let you make a purchase for MSRP (often less) and get your used bids back from the corresponding auction.

* MSRP Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

Shipping Times?

How fast do you ship?

We currently ship within 2 to 14 days from the date when shipping & handling fee was paid.

Digital giftcards are delivered the same day or the following day for fully qualified bidders.

Expiration of Winning Item?

Can my wins expire?

Yes we retain the right to expire your win if shipping is not paid within 14 days from the win date.

Shipping & Handling Fees?

Why is there a handling fee on digital giftcards?

Our customers safety and our safety is the most important factor. We need to be sure our customers Paypal accounts are in good standing. Giveaway Auction will expire in 72h, if checkout process is not completed within 72hours from the time the auction finnished. Any giftcard orders maybe converted for bidding credits by administration, specially in the case, where administration feels that customer has repeatedly tried to mislead or give fraudulent or misleading information to administration.

Fully Qualified Bidder and Dual Verified?

How can I become FQB Fully qualified bidder?

Complete 100% our 4 step verification process.

-Associate with Google and Facebook and become dual verified.

-Confirm your mobile/phone number and increase WIN LIMIT to 2x items per day.

-Verify Email

Win Limits? How Many Items Can I win Per Day?


The default win limit for a new user is 1x/per 24h.

When a user verifies their phone/mobile number, their Win Limit is increased to 2.


2x Win limit applies to funded items.


Win limit for those remain 1x/24h.

Max 2 Giveaway items per week.

Max 4 Giveaway items per month.

All wins are void if user is found having multiple user accounts.

How Do I Verify My Phone/Mobile?

Log in to your account and click on Verify Phone button, located at My Profile.

Type in your phone number and press send, this will send a 4 digit pin code to you in text message format.

After you receive successful code open url:

http://www.exhibia.com/profile/verify/XXXX <- Replace XXXX with the pin code and open in web browser.

Can I Change My Bidder Name?

You can change your bidder name once. Please email [email protected] your new bidder name and we will change it for you.

How Does This Involve Me?

From now you can bid and save %95 off MSRP from your next Amazon purchase or you can purchase the item at MSRP and get your bids back.

So no matter what, you can buy the item for MSRP. Why not try to Bid & Save?

You can´t lose!

Will I Be Notified When My Item Is Opened For Bidding?

Yes we do. Press on the little blue star next to an item and and select the communication method how you would like to be notified when the item is opened for bidding. Currently there is a 10 minute notification period after item has been 100% funded and it is opened for bidding, so you will be notified 10 minutes before bidding is opened.


Intellectual Property:


USA Patent US20130262257

WORLD Patent WO2013140278A1

Registered Copyrights:

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